Prevalence of occupational stress among Iranian physicians and dentist: a systematic and meta-analysis study
Data publikacji: 08-12-2022
Przegl Epidemiol 2022;76(3):352-361

BACKGROUND. Occupational stress in health care providers is an undesirable factor that can lead to dissatisfaction and burnout and affect the quality of care and treatment of patients. This study estimated the prevalence of occupational stress among Iranian physicians and dentists.
METHODS. The articles were searched using the keywords: “job stress”, “job-related stress”, “occupational stress”, “work-related stress”, “workplace stress”, “physician”, “dentist”, and “Iran”, and all possible combinations of these terms in domestic databases of Scientific Information Database (SID) and MagIran and international databases of Web of Science, PubMed, and Scopus with no time limit. Heterogeneity among the studies was assessed using the Cochran’s Q test. Data analysis was performed in Stata version 11 based on the heterogeneity state using a random-effects model.
RESULTS. The sample size in selected articles on physicians and dentists varied from 71 to 516 and 90 to 200, respectively. The prevalence of occupational stress in physicians was 70.10% (95% CI: 55.43-84.78), and among dentists was 50.87% (95% CI: 33.93-67.81). According to the results, there was no significant association between the prevalence of occupational stress, sample size, and year of publication in physicians and dentists.
The results showed that publication bias was (p=0.029) for physicians and (p=0.630) for dentists.
CONCLUSIONS. Occupational stress among Iranian physicians and dentists is high, which can adversely affect therapists and patients. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this problem to manage and control it.

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