Pilot analysis of intravenous lipid infusion role in COVID-19 mortality
Data publikacji: 25-10-2022
Przegl Epidemiol 2022;76(2):164-167

INTRODUCTION. How to reduce the fatality of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is still challenging. A proper nutritional support has been always a matter of attention in critically ill patients.
MATERIAL AND METHODS. We assessed COVID-19 patients who had received intralipid infusion due to medical indications and compared them with those who did not receive it regarding fatality rate and prognosis.
As a part of a data mining project using data of observational cohort of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the educational centers of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, an inferential case series was performed. A total of 19 patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection were selected from the cohort. Briefly, 13 patients survived and 6 patients died, and 12 patients were admitted in intensive care unit (ICU). All dead cases were ICU admitted. The association of intralipid infusion and survival rate was examined using Fisher exact test. No association was observed between intralipid infusion and survival.
CONCLUSIONS. No significant protecting effect was observed for patients who received intralipid for medical indications. Since intralipid was administered according to medical indications, surviving of all the non-ICU admitted patients despite having underlying diseases was remarkable. Despite the fact, due to several bias factors that could not be controlled in such a retrospective study, the results might be accidental. We suggest to assess such an effect retrospectively in other centers as well.

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