The third issue of the Epidemiological Review in 2018 is now out. It contains 6 articles from Epidemiological chronicle section discussing vaccine preventable diseases: pertussis, measles, rubella, mumps and varicella and a comprehensive article on meningitis and encephalitis describing the main bacterial and viral aetiologies. The viral neuroinfections predominated, however for the majority of these cases the aetiological agent was not established.

In the section Problems of Infections a study was published reporting an increasing frequency and rising antimicrobial resistance of alert pathogens among patients of a pulmonary disease ward.

Helminth infections among HIV infected individuals are the topic of another paper. The literature review summarizes the role of immunologic dysfunction among the patients; in patients on antiretroviral treatment the helminth infections are less common.

An article related to injuries among nursing staff finds that 61.7% of the respondents were injured at work but only 19.7% of them always reported the injury.

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