NEWS - Epidemiological Review No. 2/2017


No. 2 of the Epidemiological Review opens the article "Clostridium difficile infection a current therapeutic and  epidemiological problem" discussing the mechanisms of colonization of the gastrointestinal system przez C. diff., especially by the increasingly isolated ribotype 027. The article extends the C. diff.,  sensitivity to antibiotics based on the characteristics of strains isolated in the world and in Poland.

   Hospital Infections are the subject of two more articles - one analyzes the changes in bacterial flora and the resistance of isolated pathogens to antibiotics in the material collected from patients hospitalized in one of the Warsaw hospitals in 2005-2012.

  In the second article, data on the occurrence of epidemic outbreaks in entities conducting medical activity (nosocomial infections) in Poland in 2011-2015 were analyzed on the basis of the reports of the State Sanitary Inspection.

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