The first issue of the Epidemiological Review in 2019 has been published. The section “Problems of infections” features an article contributed by the International Health Regulations Focal Point in Poland, which analyses notified events relating to measles in Poland and globally, in 2016 – 2018. Together with increasing measles incidence in recent years, there is also an increasing number of outbreaks, including outbreaks in Poland summarized in the article, as well as travel – related exposure, especially during travel by air. In addition two other articles address the issue of  antimicrobial resistance. One describes transmission of vancomycin resistant enterococci in Mazovian region based on molecular similarity of strains isolated from 3 hospitals and the other one studies prevalence of Streptococcus aureus  colonisation in medical students, finding that resistant strains (MRSA, MupRSA) are rare in this setting, but do exist.

The Authors from Central and Eastern Europe present limited access to end-stage disease treatment of HIV-positive patients in the countries of the region, also noting that relevant data in these counties are limited.

The section “Public health” contains an article discussing the value and possible use for health status assessment of Polish population of the hospital discharge database, developed as part of the “Nationwide General Hospital Morbidity Study” conducted in NIZP-PZH. Another article presents the problem of occupational hearing loss in different industry branches in Podkarpackie voyevodeship in Poland.

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