Przegląd epidemiologiczny 2022, 76(2): 147-149

Letter to the Editor: Complementary dose of COVID-19 vaccination may prevent SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection among previously vaccinated HIV positive persons
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JD Kowalska, C Bieńkowski, E Firląg-Burkacka, A Skrzat-Klapaczyńska



People living with HIV (PLWH) are a heterogeneous group of immunocompromised persons. Detectable HIV viral load and chronic comorbidities are independently increasing the risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 among PLWH. We aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines in PLWH. A significant increase in S-RBD antibody titers >100 AU/mL was observed when compared the titers measured one week after the 1st dose to titers performed after the 2nd vaccine dose.

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