The editorial article "The Problem of HCV Infections in Poland" discusses the results of Project KIK / 35 "Prevention of HCV infections" implemented in 2012-2017, which was sponsored by the Government of the Swiss Federation and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland. Particularly interesting is the presentation of the results of the various sub-projects in the context of the WHO Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis, 2016-2021, adopted by Member States, including Poland, at the 69th World Health Assembly.

Two articles in the section "Problems of Infection" present information about current risk related to measles and polio. Measles is covered by a global elimination program and polio by eradication program by WHO. The article presents an overview of the most important measles and polio notifications that have been submitted to the National Center for International Health Regulations, in the Department of Epidemiology, NIZP-PZH, 2010-2016.

The scarcity of knowledge about rare diseases (RD) among medical students in Krakow is discussed in the article based on the results of the survey. The authors postulate  development of new educational methods in this area.

In the section "History of medicine" we recommend the article "Centenary of rabies research in the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw". The author, a participant in rabies studiesn and a renown specialist, presents the history of research, vaccine production and vaccination practice in this field in the PZH from 1919 to the present.

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